A large number of Australian homeowners are now deciding to renovate their property rather than relocate. Whether someone is looking to give the exterior appearance of the home a facelift or to totally renovate the interior functionality of the home, Kre8 Constructions can help you.

The designers and contractors at Kre8 Constructions know from personal experience that there is no home that is too small for improvements and there is no home so large that it cannot be redesigned. Whether that is for better energy efficiency, for integration of smart technology, to increase the home’s value and functionality, to accommodate changes in health situations, and to integrate the homeowner’s personality. The end goal for any improvement or renovation is for the homeowners to fall in love with their home all over again.


What Are the Latest Trends?

The latest, most popular home design trends in Australia range from minor upgrades of window glass to full blown, foundation extensions.

Here are some of those trends to consider when creating a personal forever-home:

  1. Relaxed furniture and comfortable materials are the way to go. From deep sofas, to oversized love seats, chunky knit wool rugs, day beds and floor cushions.
  2. Adding an enclosed outdoor patio space with a roof covering, decorative doors, and windows that brings the outdoors to the inside while it increases the livable square footage of the home.
  3. Installing retractable shades that can be opened or closed with a remote control. When fully opened, the shades slide into a casing attached to the window frames.
  4. Creating an open, airy environment with larger windows (for example our Mill Point Road project), skylights and high vaulted ceilings helps create an illusion of a bigger more open space.
  5. Installing custom closets and storage areas for a neat, clean, well-organised appearance.
  6. Installing distressed hardwood floors for the beauty of natural wood with a delicate aged elegance. Other flooring trends are discussed here.
  7. Adding a touch of greenery to your home by adding indoor plants to your bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas will lift the space and improve the quality of air.
  8. Integration of the homeowner’s personality with the use of natural stones, concrete benchtops, marble, tiles, paints, and metals that blend functionality with beauty in modern kitchens and bathrooms.
  9. Expanding out can mean adding living space with side and back porches and patios, adding more width to a garage, or adding a swimming pool surrounded with flagstones, exterior lighting, and ornate potting arrangements. Enclosing the property with an etched-glass barrier.
  10. Expanding up can mean adding another level to the property for a master suite that includes his and her walk-in closets, a sitting area, and a master bath with a shower, sauna tub, and dual basin sinks.

Today’s most popular styles are both individualised creations as well as a return to Nuevo art construction with the emphases being on bright white walls blended with soft, muted, pastel colored artwork, cushions, pillows, window shades, and furniture upholstery. There has been an ever increasing demand for the use of bold, solid wood or metal framed chairs, tables, cabinets, and interior doors.


Kre8 Constructions Can Help You

Wood Street SwanbourneWhatever the improvements are, Kre8 Constructions can create a design that will turn the current property into a one-of-a-kind dream home. We are a local firm that is involved in the total renovation project, from the planning phase through to the last splash of paint or tightening of a door knob screw.

A home renovation project is an upfront and personal experience for the homeowners, and a labour of love for everyone who works for Kre8 Constructions. Our team of outstanding professionals view each project as the only project that matters. We fully believe in the theory that every client must be fully satisfied with the results, that the client is entitled to the best craftsmanship available (you can see some past projects here), and that each project be as cost efficient as possible. The best renovations, for the least financial expense are what sets Kre8 Constructions above other companies in the area, and why we have so many repeat clients who desire additional enhancements to their home.





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