The Centrepiece of the House

The heart of the house is usually a fluid space designed to adapt regularly to its users whilst remaining practical. Where the customary trends are no longer strictly followed there is now room for movement toward a more personalised kitchen.

If you are looking at building or renovating in 2016, here are some new trends that may suit what you are looking to achieve:

  • Open plan designs are here to stay. Being the hub of the house, the kitchen is where most families spend the majority of their time, either with each other or entertaining with friends. An open plan design works well when integrated with the informal living and dining areas as it maximises interaction.
  • Textured surfaces are not just for wood grains, but concrete, stainless steel and natural stone with rough, unfinished edges. By introducing texture you are allowing the kitchen the become an inviting space which inturn encourages visitors to enter, unwind and relax.
  • Pops of colour will add visual interest and enhance and design in the kitchen. We are talking bright yellow, hot red, and cool blues. Colour blocking in the kitchen is a great way to bring in colour without being overwhelming. Adding a feature row of contrasting cabinetry, in colour or timber grain, instantly transforms a plain kitchen into a dual-toned space with depth and unique visual appeal.
  • Outdoor kitchens have been around for a while, but almost look too commercial. However that can all be enhanced with the inclusion of garden elements. Whether it be a simple herb garden situated within arms reach, or greenery used for decoration. The simple addition of the green softens the harder edges of the stainless steel kitchen and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Designing a kitchen can certainly be daunting, but here at Kre8 Constructions we can make your dream a reality. We are always following new trends and designs in order to give you the best possible options.

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