Hottest Bathroom Trends

Check out a few of the hottest bathroom trends for 2016

Timber – It will continue to flourish in bathrooms this year , with the release of new purposed designed timber products will enable you to bring a natural warmth to the room.
Creative Tile – Geometric and patterned tiles have been popular over the years, however in 2016 basic tiles will once again return to the spotlight, but with a creative twist. Simple timeless tiles will be laid in unusual patterns in order to create enduring appeal.Walker-Zangers-Corduroy-tile-from-their-new-textured-Knit-collection
Industrial Chic – Edgy industrial inspired bathrooms designs will be the favourite for next year. This means cool, gritty material and the use of concreting in bathing areas. However as it can make a space look cold & harsh you will need to introduce contrasting textures such as timber, natural fibres & plush towels to soften the look.1323904638_large

Double Basins & Large Showers – The benefits are endless, with much more room than a standard bathroom or ensuite, the separate areas making getting ready much easier.Bathroom-Trends